Pete Sanstol vs. Hans Schiller

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1935-05-10 : Pete Sanstol beat Hans Schiller by PTS in round 10 of 10

  • Location: Spichernring, Berlin, Germany
  • Referee: Max Pippow
Hans Schiller, Pete Sanstol, & Max Pippow

Except for the first excerpt, the following come from day-after Berlin newspaper reports:

Will Sanstoel Defeat Schiller Too?
Norway produced two great boxers, Otto von Porath, who gave his farewell to the ring this year, and Pete Sanstoel, who will be the guest today at Spichernring. While Porath lost fighting strength in the rough American school, Sanstoel still belongs to the world championship class today after a long practice in the USA. He is so highly skilled that in Europe there are hardly any opponents left for him to fight.... Measured against the Norwegian's skills, one could assume that the German Featherweight Champion Hans Schiller wouldn't have a chance. But we know that Schiller always performed well against good people.

Sanstol (left) & Schiller

A Genius in the Ring
Many years of boxing left no trace on the Norwegian boxer Peter Sanstol. What became of this chap who long ago was seen for the first time in Lunapark? A genius in the ring, a master of boxing who showed all his tricks yesterday evening in the Spichernring. Only someone like Schiller (Hannover), brave and courageous to the end, as well as strong and in the possession of good power reserves could survive the fight. They were bitter rounds for the German featherweight champion when Sanstol started in the fifth round to open his box of tricks. Then, after he had stopped Schiller's furious attacks with his wonderful left, he started engaging his right. It is therefore not surprising that Reithdorf "couldn't take it." But Schiller protected and defended himself as well as he could from the Norwegian's energetic attempts to score a knockout victory. He was able to do so, but in points it was a major defeat since Sanstol just kept chasing him around the ring toward the end.

This is how world-class boxers look like in the ring. Sanstol mastered everything a champion had to know. Until the last round he was quick on his feet, ducking, weaving and avoiding very often Schiller's well-meant punches. The audience applauded both. Sanstol for his skillfulness and Schiller for his courage.

Ten Rounds of Boxing Lessons
There were no doubts beforehand that the Norwegian, Pete Sanstol, ex-world champion bantamweight, would be able to defeat Schiller, the German featherweight champion. But the mere fact that Schiller was able to get through the rounds against the record-class, skillful Norwegian can be seen as a particular success of our featherweight champion.

Sanstol & Schiller: post-fight

A Great Achiever
Sanstol didn't go immediately with full sails into the fight. As an old tactician he figured that 10 rounds would take 30 minutes, and he showed at the beginning of the fight a boxing form of highest perfection without overtaxing himself. That's when the usually exemplary acting judge [Referee Max] Pippow let himself get carried away by rebuking Sanstol twice during the fourth and the sixth rounds, reminding him to take advantage of his opportunities. It soon became apparent during the following rounds how superfluous those rebukes turned out to be.

Sanstol's Superior Boxing Skills
The appearance of the Norwegian Bantam champion Sanstol against the German featherweight champion Schiller was looked forward to with great excitement during yesterday's boxing fights in the Spichernring. Sanstol demonstrated the skills of a world-class fighter. Quick on his feet with incredible agility, he kept the German through four rounds only with his left under control. Schiller defended himself bravely and didn't give up when the Norwegian started using his right.

Sanstoel Is Asking for the Next One

Peter Sanstoel, Bantam Champion of Norway, not a tall man but a great master in Fistania, already won convincing victories over two German champions. In Goeteburg our Bantam Champion Riethdorfer realized from the very beginning that he wouldn't be able to stand up to the Norwegian in the long run. Then Sanstoel came to Berlin to fight German featherweight champion Hans Schiller. And with that--one would think--Sanstoel pretty much cleaned up among our bantam and featherweight boxers. But the Norwegian has a different opinion. After his fight with Schiller he expressed the desire to meet the German Flyweight Champion Richard Stegemann. "You can be certain that I will be able to deliver an even better fight against the flyweight champion than against Schiller, who took too much cover towards the end."

  • Pre-fight Berlin newspaper article
  • According to a June 15, 1935 Standard (Montreal, QC, Canada) newspaper article: "The Berlin papers were most enthusiastic about Sanstol's showing and stated that including Schmeling, they have never seen a fighter that can compare with Pete." "'He has music in his fighting--he is an artist of the ring!' the papers stated."