Primo Carnera vs. Max Baer

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1934-06-14 : Max Baer 209½ lbs beat Primo Carnera 263¼ lbs by TKO at 2:16 in round 11 of 15

NYSAC World Heavyweight Title
National Boxing Association World Heavyweight Title

  • It is often reported that Baer floored Carnera eleven times, and had him wobbly on his legs, before Referee Donovan stopped the bout to protect Carnera from further punishment. However, there has been a long debate about exactly how many knockdowns Carnera suffered in this bout. Some say as few as seven, others say ten, and still others claim there were 12. Nat Fleischer stated in the August 1934 The Ring magazine that Carnera was down twelve times and one was a slip. He gave Baer three knockdowns in the first, three in the second, one in the third, three in the tenth and two in the eleventh. He said that Carnera slipped in the eighth after missing a punch. Apparently, Fleischer had attended the bout.
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Newspaper Articles

  • [1] Sock Won Big Scrap for Baer: Tunney Says Max Smart for Not Boxing, by Gene Tunney - written for the Associated Press, June 15, 1934.
  • [2] Baer Acclaimed Ruler of Ring, by Alan Gould, Associated Press Sports Editor, June 15, 1934.