Ray Sanchez vs. Joaquin Zamora

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2008-09-05 : Ray Sanchez 150½ lbs lost to Joaquin Zamora 151½ lbs by TKO at 1:18 in round 3 of 10

  • Time: 1:18
  • Weights: Sanchez 150½ lbs, Zamora 151½ lbs
  • Aired on: Solo Boxeo
  • Promoter: Top Rank


Ending his year-layoff, Zamora showed a bit of rust through the first round. Exhibiting superior speed and throwing more punches, Sanchez outboxed Zamora for most of it. Showing patience, Zamora started to jab and move forward, but Sanchez’s busier right jab outworked him, with several straight lefts snaking through to land on the mark—though they were all taken well. Zamora increasingly upped the pressure as the seconds rolled by in round two, immediately changing the fight. Sanchez continued to move and jab, but the first time he was cut off and pinned against the ropes, he was in trouble. Zamora let the hands go and the first half-solid left hand that landed, rocked Sanchez, who turned his boxing plan into a survival game. In complete control, Zamora opened a cut with his first attack on a near-finished Sanchez, who, spent and spooked by Zamora’s strength and the blood seeping through his sliced brow, immediately sought to tie up, move and survive. Barely a minute into the third, the referee called time and the ringside doctor inspected the cut. The physician gave him the green light to continue but Sanchez told him his vision was blurry—which put an end to the fight.