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Reginald Denny is a movie actor who had been a boxer in his younger days. "In 1917 Denny joined the Royal Flying Corps as a pilot and remained for two years, during which he became the brigade heavyweight-boxing champion." [1].

Factoid, from the Los Angeles Times of December 16, 1922:

Jack Dempsey will tangle with at least one opponent during his stay in Los Angeles, for he is scheduled to meet Reginald Denny, well-known screen star and heavyweight fighter, this evening on the Pantages stage, where the champion is filling a vaudeville engagement. Jack Kearns, manager of the champ, has seen Denny workout in such prize-ring films as ‘The Leather Pushers’ by H.C. Witwer, […] and declares that the screen fighter shows unusual class, is fast, carries a wicked wallop, and has plenty of nerve. Denny is well known in pugilistic circles overseas, having won the heavyweight championship of the Royal Air Force during his service in the war. His ring career looked unusually bright before he decided to fight his way to fame in motion pictures […]. The star has tackled such well known pugs as Al Kaufman, Al Norton and Sam McVey, the ‘black beauty’ from Oxnard, and others, in his film work. Dempsey has expressed his admiration of Denny’s nerve and ability as a boxer, and intends to make the champion of the film world show his stuff when they meet this evening.”