Richard Grupe

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Name: Richard Grupe
Born: 1915-10-08
Birthplace: Hamburg, Germany
Died: 1988-08-05 (Age:72)
Hometown: Hamburg, Germany
Height: 6′ 3″   /   191cm
Boxing Record: click

Richard Grupe is the father of Norbert Grupe, aka Prinz Wilhelm von Homborg. Grupe also was a wrestler through the 1960s, usually playing the villain, and losing to the "hero". With his size, blonde hair, and beard, Grupe, using the name "Richard Murray", also found small parts in television and movies, usually playing gladiators, Vikings, or other assorted "war-like" characters. He also was a volunteer trainer at the Venice Beach Recreation Center in California during the 1970s.

Grupe also served in the Luftwaffe, as an administrative sergeant.


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