Ritchie Fontaine

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Ritchie Fontaine

Name: Richie Fontaine
Birth Name: Richard Elder Fontaine
Born: 1916-02-21
Birthplace: Fairview, Montana, USA
Died: 1963-04-05 (Age:47)
Hometown: Missoula, Montana, USA
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Manager: Bud Taylor, Benny Ford (circa 1937), Gus Wilson (1939)
Ritchie Fontaine Gallery

Ritchie Fontaine died unexpectedly of a heart attack in a Los Angeles, CA, hotel. He is interred in a Missoula, MT, cemetery, it is believed.

According to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints genealogical website, FamilySearch, one Richard Elder Fontaine was born on February 21, 1916 in Fairview, Montana and died on April 5, 1963. On the California Death Records database on the RootsWeb genealogical website, there is one Richard E. Fontaine who was born in Missouri(?) on February 21, 1916 and died in Los Angeles County on April 5, 1963. His Social Security number was 555-24-1278.