Rob Bleakley

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Name: Rob Bleakley
Alias: Tony Saluto
Birth Name: Robert David Bleakley
Born: 1970-06-04
Birthplace: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA
Hometown: Mitchell, Indiana, USA
Stance: Orthodox
Boxing Record: click

Rob Bleakely is the father of two, a son and a daughter.

Bleakley grew up in Cedar Rapids Iowa. Today he lives in Mitchell, Indndian, about 90 miles outside of Indianapolis.

Many times Bleakely arrived at a new town for a fight without a corner man and a place to train. Life as a journeyman is not easy. It can end at any time if he is totally dominated for a fight or two. There is no guaranteed income, it's a sit-at-home-and-wait-for-the-phone-to-ring lifestyle.

"I'm usually brought in as an opponent because they know I'll make a good account of myself," Bleakley said. "I've built a reputation as a tough enough guy that I can fight with the very best."

Bleakley has, faced six opponents who held a major world title and countless others with minor belts. There was a time at the beginning of his career where the dream of a title drove him. But when he realized that was not going to happen, he decided to stay in the game. In fact, ask him what his greatest victory was and you get his life story as a journeyman. "Some of my best wins are losses," said Bleakley, whose physical shape gives him the appearance of a younger man. "I got paid to go to Paris, Africa, China, some of the greatest places in the world. I've stood on the Great Wall, been to Checkpoint Charlie, seen lots of things other people only dream of.

"I've been paid to live in Copenhagen, Berlin, Cologne. I've won so much because of boxing." Bleakley described the life of a journeyman in one short sentence. "Have blood, will travel."

Rob's journey has taken him to nearly every corner of the world. He is the one that traveled anywhere to fight. Anytime it's possible, he drove to save money (either his or the promoter's).

His opponents were usually young, promising fighters, trying to climb up the boxing ladder, hoping to reach ludicrous paydays. His job was nothing more than to be a sturdy rung, to be stepped on and then left behind. On many occasions he'll face them in their hometowns, places where no one has ever heard of him. Just about all present at his fights have cheered loudly for him to get beat.

In the world of boxing, he is known as a journeyman a boxer brought in to put on a good show.

Bleakley did manage to win two of several bouts for minor Regional titles one which was for the WAA World Athletic Association middleweight belt.