Robert Helenius vs. Samuel Peter

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Robert Helenius vs. Samuel Peter.jpg

2011-04-02 : Robert Helenius 239¼ lbs beat Samuel Peter 260 lbs by KO at 1:50 in round 9 of 12

  • WBO Intercontinental Heavyweight Title (1st defense by Helenius)
  • WBA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title (Vacant)


Bout Summary

The opening round saw Peter work primarily with a jab to the body as Helenius looked for countering opportunities. Helenius connected with a right-left combination near the end of the round. In Round 2, Helenius began to box a little more working behind a jab and keeping the shorter Samuel Peter at a distance. Helenius landed a nice right to the body as Peter was covered up and Peter landed a combination near the end of the round highlighted by a left hand that slipped through the Helenius's guard. In Round 3, it became evident that Helenius's strategy was to work from a distance with jabs and straight rights hands to keep Peter at bay and to tie up when Peter was able to get on the inside. Peter continued to come forward and try to land big punches against the circling Helenius, but had trouble connecting. In the 4th, Helenius continued to pump the jab into Peter's face. Peter was warned for leading with his head. Helenius was able to punish Peter at a distance and Peter was forced to throw lunging shots; many of which failed to touch Helenius. When Peter got on the inside or was able to get his opponent against the ropes, he allowed himself to be tied up. Peter had a strong 5th Round and likely won the round finding moderate success with power punches as Helenius did not evade as well as he had done in the rounds prior and allowed some punches to land. Helenius continued with his strategy of making Peter pay to get within punching range. A clear low blow in Round 6 sent a grimacing Helenius down to his knees in the corner. Helenius was allowed time to recover and Peter received a stern warning for the referee. Midway through Round 9, a combination capped with a left hand sent Peter down on his back. Using the ropes, he was able to make it to his feet at the count of eight and was allowed to continue. Helenius came forward and landed a straight right, left hook combination that sent Peter down with a thud as his head hit the mat, flat on his back and out. The referee made it to the count of six before waving off the bout as Peter made no attempt to get to his feet. He remained down for a couple of minutes before being helped up and to a stool in his corner.