Rodolfo Gonzalez vs. Antonio Puddu

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1973-10-27 : Antonio Puddu 134 lbs lost to Rodolfo Gonzalez 134 lbs by TKO in round 10 of 15

"It was a lopsided victory for the champ, his third in a row, that found Gonzalez winning every round of the fight on all the officials scorecards. The fight was stopped between rounds after Gonzalez' constant punches closed Puddu's left eye to a narrow slit, making it impossible for him to see out of it." -Pasadena Star-News

  • Puddu was down in the 2nd round from a left hook for the only knockdown of the fight.
  • Purses: Gonzalez - $63,000, Puddu - $20,000
  • Attendance - 10,685
  • Gate - $106,335

Post fight comments

  • "This is the first fight I ever had to take a backward step." -Antonio Puddu
  • "This fight is over. I want Roberto Duran to settle the lightweight picture once and for all." -Rodolfo Gonzalez
  • "Rodolfo is one helluva fighter. Puddu had never been on the floor before and he wasn't the same fighter after Rodolfo dropped him. Puddu's manager told me after the fight that we didn't see the real Puddu. Well, I think Rodolfo had something to do with that." -Jackie McCoy, Gonzalez' manager