Rodolfo Gonzalez vs. Guts Ishimatsu (1st meeting)

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1974-04-11 : Guts Ishimatsu 135 lbs beat Rodolfo Gonzalez 134½ lbs by KO at 2:12 in round 8 of 15

Gonzalez dropped three times in eighth although ref calls second knockdown off and helps Gonzalez get up as Ishimatsu connected while holding with the other hand. Upon arising from third knockdown, a disoriented Gonzalez takes a knee as ref waves it off.

Post fight comments

  • "Rodolfo looked like a refugee from the Bataan Death March. He was as weak as a baby. I thought we were going over to Japan to steal something. It wasn't until the day before the fight I realized the other guy had a chance. He just fell apart, not really from being hit. Somebody told him to try this water diet. He was down to 136 1/2 but wasn't looking good. I found out why four days before the fight and he started to eat, but his weight went way up. Then it started raining and he couldn't run. We put him in a steam bath the night before the fight to make the weight, but he'd had it after 3 rounds." -Gonzalez' Manager, Jackie McCoy
  • "That poor guy had no business in the ring that night. He was so weak that a couple of times I had to lift him off his stool for the start of the round." -Gonzalez' second, Benny Georgino