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Name: Ron Adams
Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas, USA
Boxing Record: click

There is high suspicion of who this person actually is. A 1978 Senate Investigation Team from the Office of Texas Senator Lloyd M. Bentsen Jr. proved that he was not a standout amateur boxer known as Ronny Adams or Ronnie Adams, aka Rondiasadola Adamez. The Texas Labor Board and Boxing Commission couldn't verify ever issuing a boxing license in 1976 to a person named Ron Adams, Ronny Adams or Ronnie Adams, and concluded to investigators that the person was possibly a fake (an impersonator). On a September 1976 Houston card -- that is now buried in the deep cover of history -- this alleged Adams knocked out an in-his-prime (former WBA/WBC light-middleweight champion) Oscar Albarado in the first round. (Verification of this bout can be found in archives of a Houston newspaper and in an issue of the Ring Magazine [either December of 1976 or January of 1977]. Information about this alleged boxer and his bouts, including with Albarado, can also be found in the 1977's January, February and March issues of the Boxing Illustrated Magazine.)

In a major boxing scandal of the 1970s, an ABC (television) Boxing Tournament of famed promoter Don King was suspended because many of the participants had inflated records with alleged professional wins over boxers who were still amateurs or who never existed or who had demised. A couple of King's boxers had alleged wins over this alleged professional boxer when he would have been as young as 12 years and 10 months old. Another one had an alleged win over this alleged pro while the alleged real Adams was representing the United States in an international tourney in Taiwan. One of King's boxers had allegedly knock this alleged pro out in Little Rock, Ark., while the alleged real Adams was winning the 1977 All Navy Boxing Championship in San Diego, Ca.

In 2010, after 33 plus years, some records were discovered that the Oscar Albarado, who the alleged Ronnie Adams fought, was indeed probably a boxer known as Oscar Balderas. Boxing has often been called "the threatre of the unexpected." and a sport which is "seedy and is stranger than fiction."