Roy Lumpkin

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Name: Father Lumpkin
Alias: Roy Lumpkin
Birth Name: Roy Lee Lumpkin
Born: 1907-01-27
Birthplace: Jefferson, Texas, USA
Died: 1974-03-00 (Age:67)
Hometown: Portsmouth, Ohio, USA
Height: 6′ 2″   /   188cm
Boxing Record: click

Roy 'Father' Lumpkin played football for the 1928 national Champion Georgia Tech. Tornado, the team which also won the Rose Bowl on Jan 1, 1929.. He also played professional football for the Portsmouth Spartans, Detroit Lions and Brooklyn Dodgers from Sep. 1929 to 1937.

  • The NBA suspended Lumpkin on Feb 17, 1930, for failing to go through with his scheduled pro debut with tiny Powell on January 16, 1930. The suspension was lifted the next day when Lumpkin agreed to meet Powell on April 7.