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Santo Arias e Jeorge Arias Father and Son
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Santo Arias

Fighting in the 60's, was his coach Mr. Kid Jofre father of world champion Eder Jofre. Champion League was more traditional boxing Brazilian to "Forge of Champions", thirty years later in 1992 involved the 2nd time now League as coach of his son George Arias. Arias in the same year is a course in the federation, and became a boxing referee. He was coach of Sao Paulo and

Brazilian kick boxing. Holy Arias has been excelling in professional boxing, respected in the middle of the noble art, is the coach who has more fights for Brazilian title, adding so far 23 fights with only one athlete his son George Arias. Aos 68anos Arias is attending the 3rd year of law school at Santa Rita.


Santo Arias
Santo Arias

professional fight Santo Arias

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