Sauveur Benamou

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Name: Sauveur Benamou
Birth Name: Sauveur Benamou
Born: 1933-10-11
Birthplace: Oran, Algeria
Hometown: Paris, France
Boxing Record: click

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Sauveur Benamou, of Algerian-Hebrew heritage, won the French Lightweight title in 1959--which he relinquished in July of 1960 according to The Ring. He had been awaiting a fight for the European Lightweight title, but at this time it appears that the bout never took place and Benamou retired.

According to the 1961 Ring Record Book, between 1956 and 1958 Benamou had sixteen fights, winning thirteen and drawing in three. A number of these fights have yet to be documented. The linked fight record should be considered incomplete at this time.