Shane Mosley vs. Ricardo Mayorga

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CompuBox Punchstats [1]
Total Punches Mosley Mayorga
Landed 144 73
Thrown 397 588
Pct. 36% 12%
Jabs Mosley Mayorga
Landed 45 5
Thrown 183 159
Pct. 25% 3%
Power Punches Mosley Mayorga
Landed 99 68
Thrown 214 429
Pct. 46% 16%

2008-09-27 : Shane Mosley 153½ lbs beat Ricardo Mayorga 153½ lbs by KO at 2:59 in round 12 of 12



During the first three rounds of the bout, the harder puncher appeared to be Mayorga, who repeatedly landed right hands from long range and roughed up Mosley in close. Mayorga’s roughhousing mixed with his usual showboating antics seemed to bother Mosley, who appeared more uncomfortable and agitated than usual. In recklessly lunging in with wild power shots of his own Mosley wound up either falling into more clinches or getting caught with punches he should have avoided. Mosley settled down and found the proper distance in the fourth round and took the next three rounds by timing Mayorga with overhand rights that landed flush and occasionally following up with short hooks and single body shots. Mosley continued to zero in with right hands in the seventh and eighth rounds. Mosley was able to land single power shots in the late rounds, but he threw very few combinations. At times Mayorga beat Mosley to the punch with lead right hands. Near the end of the eleventh round, Mosley landed a right hand that splattered blood from Mayorga’s mouth. With less than a minute left in the bout, put Mayorga down on his hands and knees. Mayorga got up on unsteady legs; Mosley stepped in with a short, lead left hook that put Mayorga flat on his back at the bell, resulting in the referee waving the bout off.

Purses: Shane Mosley - $1 million+