Shannon Briggs vs. Frans Botha

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1999-08-07 : Shannon Briggs 230 lbs drew with Frans Botha 232 lbs by MD in round 10 of 10

Shannon Briggs on the 'Most Painful Moment' of his career: "The fight against Botha. I did everything the right way, just had a bad chain of events happen. I tore my left bicep before the fight. I had an ulcer the size of a dime in my stomach. I trained for the fight in Big Bear thinking the altitude would be good for me. Terrible. I couldn't run in the morning, it was too cold. It was just everything. That was heartbreaking. After the second round I was gasping for air. Botha broke my rib. Cauliflower ears. Stitches over both eyes. Hung in there for ten rounds. I was fortunate to get a draw. He really gave me a beating, physically. And mentally I was really down on myself, because the fight was so hard, grueling."