Sharif Bogere vs. Ilido Julio

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2010-05-21 : Sharif Bogere 138½ lbs beat Ilido Julio 139 lbs by RTD at 0:10 in round 5 of 10



  • Sharif Bogere 15-0 (9 KOs) vs. Ilido Julio 40-17-1 (35 KOs)
  • The broadcast listed Julio's record as 41-16-1 (36 KOs).
  • Julio entered with a record of 1-2 in his previous three.
  • It was the first scheduled 10-round fight for Bogere.

Bout Summary

Bogere moved and fought well from angles against the plodding Julio who pressed forward and threw wide shots. Bogere used his hand-speed advantage to throw quick combinations in between Julio's punches. Bogere caught Julio with a left, right combination in the final seconds of Round 1 that sent Julio through the considerably loose ropes and down. He crawled back in the ring quickly just after the bell rang to end the round. Julio said just into Round 5 that he did not want to continue due to a right shoulder injury.