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"Knockout" Johnny Frayne'Irish' Jimmy Smith
(Chief) Charlie Starr(Cowboy) Billy Smith(Professor) Charles Hadley
(Salisbury ABC).(Seaman) Arthur Hayes(The New) Ray Robinson
(Young) Al Davis(Young) Charles Greenberg01211920programme.jpg
102nd Engineers Regiment Armory102nd Medical Regiment Armory
105th Regiment Armory106th Infantry Regiment Armory108th Field Artillery Armory
124th Field Artillery Armory Chicago, IL12th round Boxing Gym14th Regiment Armory
15th Infantry Armory15th Regiment Armory1920 United States Olympians
1924 Argentine Olympians1924 United States Olympians1928 German Olympians
1928 United States Olympians1932 German Olympians1932 United States Olympians
1936 German Olympians1936 United States Olympians
1948 United States Olympians1952 Great Britain Olympians1952 United States Olympians
1954-11-19 Floyd Patterson vs. Jimmy Slade (1st.meeting)1956 German Olympians1956 Great Britain Olympians
1956 United States Olympians1960 German Olympians1960 Great Britain Olympians
1960 United States Olympians1964 Great Britain Olympians1964 United States Olympians
1968 Great Britain Olympians1968 United States Olympians
1972 Great Britain Olympians1972 United States Olympians
1976 Great Britain Olympians1976 United States Olympians1980 Great Britain Olympians
1980 United States Olympians1984 Great Britain Olympians1984 United States Olympians
1988 German Olympians1988 Great Britain Olympians
1988 United States Olympians1992 German Olympians1992 Great Britain Olympians
1992 United States Olympians1996 German Olympians1996 Great Britain Olympians
1996 United States Olympians2000 German Olympians2000 Great Britain Olympians
2000 United States Olympians2004 Cuban Olympians2004 German Olympians
2004 Great Britain Olympians2004 United States Olympians2008 Great Britain Olympians
2008 United States Olympians2012 Great Britain Olympians2012 Olympians
2012 United States Olympians2014-05-23: Natalia Smirnova beat Yarkor Chavez Annan20th Century Club (Tacoma)
212th Anti-Aircraft Regiment Armory22nd Engineers Regiment Armory258593
27th Division Train Regiment Armory2 Birds with 1 Stallone308617
47th Regiment Armory4 Bears Casino
5th Street Gym (Miami)69th Regiment Armory71st Infantry Armory
97th Street Arena99 River Street9th Regiment Armory
? Bartholomew (Died 1820)? Benezac? Clarke (Died 1909)
? Codrington (Died 1821)? Collins (Died 1800)? Connolly (Died 1887)
? Coxhead (Died 1822)? Darby (Died 1866)? Dawes (Died 1864)
? Donovan (Died 1883)? Greenstreet (Died 1842)
? Hamilton (Died 1825)? Heathcote (Died 1825)? Henderson (Died 1892)
? Hennessy (Died 1846)? Holmes (Died 1809)? Hope (Died 1835)
? Jack (Died 1868)? Jonas (Died 1807)? Kennedy (Died 1912)
? Langtry? Lloyd (Died 1730)? Lupton (Died 1835)
? McClellan (Died 1887)? McKenna (Died 1851)? Murphy (Died 1765)
? Nickvest (Died 1884)? O'Brien (Died 1913)? Osborne (Died 1863)
? Price (Died 1818)? Scala (Died 1912)? Skinner (Died 1777)
? Smith (Died Oct 1876)? Suffield (Died 1826)? Thomas (Died 1937)
? Travers (Died 1846)? Walton (Died 1829)? Ward
? Waterstone? White (Died 1812)? Wyer (Died 1820)
? Yorkie (Died 1857)? Young
A.J. DevitoA.J. Liebling
A. B. TraceyA. W. (Jockey) Madden
A. W. Maxwell
ABA Bantamweight ChampionsABA Cruiserweight ChampionsABA Featherweight Champions
ABA Flyweight ChampionsABA Heavyweight ChampionsABA Light Flyweight Champions
ABA Light Heavyweight ChampionsABA Light Middleweight ChampionsABA Light Welterweight Champions
ABA Lightweight ChampionsABA Middleweight Champions
ABA Super Heavyweight ChampionsABA Welterweight Champions
ABC's Wide World of Sports Televised FightsABC (American Broadcasting Company)ABC Wide World of Sports
AJ BanalAJ Banal vs. Big Yoo
AJ Banal vs. Esau GaonaAJ Banal vs. Francis MiyeyushoAJ Banal vs. Jorge Cardenas
AJ Banal vs. Jovanny SotoAJ Banal vs. Komrit LukkuongmuekolAJ Banal vs. Luis Alberto Perez
AJ Banal vs. Mario BrionesAJ Banal vs. Mbwana MatumlaAJ Banal vs. Raul Hidalgo
AJ Banal vs. Ruben ManakaneAJ Banal vs. Sonny SaguingAJ Banal vs. Tyson Cave
AJ CarterALA Promotions
ARDARENA Box-PromotionA Dream, A Buck, An Era
A Fighting ManA Flame of Pure Fire: Jack Dempsey and the Roaring '20sA Friendly Boxing Match
A Hit with a MissA Man Among MenA Prize Fight
A TecourthA Woman Lost (Bonanza Episode)A treatise upon the useful science of defence
Aaron (Al) SmithAaron (Young) Eatman
Aaron AlafaAaron AlamedaAaron Brink
Aaron ColeyAaron DavisAaron Davis vs. Julio Cesar Vasquez
Aaron Davis vs. Luis CarmonaAaron Davis vs. Meldrick TaylorAaron Davis vs. Sammy Floyd
Aaron Davis vs. Vinny PazienzaAaron DominguezAaron Dominguez (Hermosillo)
Aaron DrakeAaron FoxAaron Garcia
Aaron Garcia USAAaron GreenAaron Herrera
Aaron JacoAaron JoshuaAaron Kinch
Aaron KizerAaron LopezAaron Martinez
Aaron McLaurineAaron MelgarejoAaron Melgarejo vs. Judefiel Aclo
Aaron Melgarejo vs. Mike TumbagaAaron MitchellAaron Mitchell vs. Delray Raines
Aaron NorwoodAaron Norwood vs. Dwayne PatawayAaron Norwood vs. Tim Dendy
Aaron PerryAaron PryorAaron Pryor Jr.
Aaron Pryor Jr. vs. Alphonso WilliamsAaron Pryor Jr. vs. Devin LopezAaron Pryor Jr. vs. Joshua Snyder
Aaron Pryor Jr. vs. Librado AndradeAaron Pryor vs. Alexis Arguello (1st meeting)Aaron Pryor vs. Alexis Arguello (2nd meeting)
Aaron Pryor vs. Bobby Joe YoungAaron Pryor vs. Darryl JonesAaron Pryor vs. Gary Hinton
Aaron Pryor vs. Herminio MoralesAaron Seltzer
Aaron SnowellAaron Steadman
Aaron Thorn (Boxing Scoop)Aaron TorresAaron Wade
Aaron WilliamsAaron Williams vs. Andre PurletteAaron Williams vs. Jose Luis Herrera
Aaron WilsonAaron ZarateAaron Zimmerman vs. Jarid Bussemakers
Aarón Orlando Soria vs. Gastón Oscar OttonelloAbbos AtoevAbbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man
Abd El KebirAbdallah PaziwapaziAbdel Mehidi
Abdelaziz TouilbiniAbdelhak AchikAbdelkader Azzouz
Abdelkader Ben BukerAbdelmoneim El-GuindiAbder Ben Lachemi
Abdeslam JoubijAbdi PohanAbdiel Ramirez
Abdou SowAbdou Sow vs. Gerard AudateAbdou Sow vs. Tim Watts
Abdoul Siki SowAbdoul Siki Sow vs. Ivar EllertsenAbdu Tebazalwa
Abdu Tebazalwa vs. Joseph AkhahonyaAbdu Tebazalwa vs. Obote AmemeAbdul Aval Fraidun
Abdul BeyAbdul KadouAbdul Khattab
Abdul Kunart vs. Jesus VelasquezAbdul Malik JabirAbdul Muhaymin
Abdul the Turk MalganAbdulah Dobey
Abdulah Dobey vs. Jerrod CaldwellAbdullah RamadanAbdullai Amidu
Abe (the Newsboy) HollanderskyAbe AitkenAbe Attell
Abe Attell vs. Harry Forbes (3rd meeting)Abe CohenAbe Denner
Abe ElkinAbe ElkinsAbe Feldman
Abe FriedmanAbe GoldsteinAbe Gordon
Abe GreeneAbe Hibbard
Abe HilliardAbe J. GreeneAbe Kabakoff
Abe LabelAbe Lee
Abe LichtensteinAbe LinnearAbe Luckey
Abe MantellAbe MatinAbe Miller
Abe PerezAbe RothAbe Simon
Abe Simon vs. Al HartAbe TobinAbe Wasserman
Abe WillisAbel Alejandro RodríguezAbel Alejandro Rodríguez vs. Alfredo César Conde
Abel ArgoteAbel Berrelleza vs. Trinidad MendozaAbel Cachazu
Abel Celestino BailoneAbel Cesar AlmarazAbel Cestac
Abel FernandezAbel LaudonioAbel Lucero
Abel Nicolás AdrielAbel Nicolás Adriel vs. Alberto Gustavo SánchezAbel Nicolás Adriel vs. Mariano Andrés Carranza