Steve Molitor vs. Scotty Olson

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2002-02-15 : Steve Molitor 121 lbs beat Scotty Olson 120 lbs by TKO in round 5 of 12

  • Vacant Canadian Super Bantamweight Title
  • Weights: Molitor 121 lbs, Olson 120 lbs


  • Molitor used distance and reach to control the shorter Olson. Olson tried to time his punches.
  • Olson was staggered in round 1 by a right hook on top of his head.
  • Olson went down in round 2 by a right hook on the top of his head.
  • At the end of round 3, Molitor landed two lefts, which crumpled Olson, and Molitor added another left while Olson was on his way down.
  • In round 5, Olson ran right into a left uppercut and went down. Later that round, Olson went down for the fourth and final time from a left on the top of his head. Olson got up but the fight was stopped by the referee.
  • Molitor becomes the first holder of the Canadian Super Bantamweight title.
  • Molitor would never defend his title.

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