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The Sunnyside Garden, located in Queens, NY, was originally built by millionaire Jay Gould as a private club, catering to rich Manhattanites, who enjoyed playing tennis. In 1945, the arena was sold, and converted into a boxing and wrestling arena. It presented its first boxing show on April 8, 1947, starting during a boxing revival period in New York City after World War II.

By 1962, with the closing of St. Nicholas Arena, it had become the last surviving old boxing club in New York City. Sunnyside Garden continued running boxing shows until 1977, when it was torn down that December. It was replaced by a Wendy's hamburger outlet.

Miscellaneous Facts

  • Last show 24th June 1977
  • Located at Queens Boulevard and 45th Street.
  • John F. Kennedy had a rally at Sunnyside Garden during his 1960 Presidential campaign
  • Gerry Cooney made his professional debut here in 1977 on "Howard Davis Night"