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Does anyone have any info on Tony Unitas. Tony passed away in the year of 1991, anything at all would be appreciated. I know he had a boxing club down town T.O. I know he reffed alot of games and was nominated into the Boxing hall of fame, yet I am unable to find info on him. He also had 2 children, 1 being his daughter and an adopedted boy, Named Richard Unitas whom he taught to box. He also has a grandson. Thanks, so much, Nancy.

I knew Tony Unitas for many years. He supported boxing endlessly. He was the founder of the Canadian Boxing Hall of Fame and also published a monthly magazine that featured a write up of a retired boxer. He held dinners that honored retired boxers. He supported kids in all respects, whether they boxed or not.

Tony Unitas was a "walking encyclopedia" when it came to boxing. He used his knowledge to write many magazine articles in a lot of his local publications in Toronto, Ontario Canada. He was a good friend to everyone and had an ability to draw people together to help others. He will be missed. He was a true historian when it came to all aspects of boxing.