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Donald Curry was not the 1980 National AAU welterweight boxing champion. The champion, who got three controversial decisions, was Ronald Gene Hatcher. It's been said that the AAU wanted at least one white champion in nationals at that time. Hatcher was him. Hatcher got booed out of the arena. And the Wide World of Sports refused to telecast his championship bout or highlights of the semi-final one. Hatcher was known to get favor from the referees and judges in the amateurs and pros, especially when he won the championship against Johnny Bumphus.

Curry was a 1978 light welterweight (139) National AAU champion and a 1979 welterweight (147) one. In 1980, he won welterweight (147) at the 1980 Golden Gloves. He did not compete in the 1980 National AAU Championships, held in Los Vegas, Nv.