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Gene Tunney only had ONE loss in his entire career. People cannot suddenly change history because someone read a newspaper reporter's decision. If that newspaper reporter's decision was valid, than Tunney would not have been able to get away with declaring that he only had one loss on his record, and his 'one-loss' record would NOT have stood up to the critiques of boxing professionals throughout his life and afterwards.

Perhaps whoever read that newspaper article has no idea how corrupt some of the newspaper reporters were at that point in time. Tex Rickard, the famous boxing promoter who handled many million-dollar gates, paid more to the New York sportswriters than their own newspaper companies. That's just one example. There were many fighters like Mike McTigue who admitted that they lost a fight to Tommy Loughran, but because McTigue's manager reported the fight as a win to the telegraph operators at 8:30 pm, McTigue was considered the winner - even though the fight didn't even start until 10:00 pm.

There are many, many incidents like that throughout boxing history. Before anyone can make a MAJOR change to a fighter's boxing record, they better have more proof than simply some newspaper reporter's word. That Greb fight is listed as a 'no-decision,' and MOST of Greb's fights were 'no-decisions.'

I expect an honest person to change that dishonest representation of Gene Tunney's career boxing record.