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The so-called "action photo" adds little, if anything, to this page, to my eyes. It is blurry, for one thing. Secondly, it is not such a "great shot" as to warrant addition to the page (such as the Marciano-Walcott one). The main image of any boxer's page should preferably be one solely of the fighter--such as a publicity photo (which the Players one seems to be). Sometimes a second photo is added to a page--such as showing the boxer in his later years, particularly if it is a long biographical page. Or if it is an image that adds more information. The "action" photo does not add any information about the the boxer or his fighting style. Barkley is simply "covering up" in the second photo, which doesn't seem like a flattering photo to have in one's page. The second image serves only to clutter up this page, without adding anything of particular value.

And, here's a question for folks: Do we always need to link to the annotated fight record? I can see it for those records that have a lot of bout comments that cannot be seen in the printable version. But for those pages where the comments primarily are of titles fought for, those titles usually can be seen in the printable record--a link to which is already part of the Wiki boxer code. Ric 09:51, 19 Feb 2006 (CST)

Mike: when replying to a message in the "Discussion" page, please do not delete previous messages, like you did to mine. You deleted my original message (which I restored above), otherwise people don't know what YOU are talking about. Just add to previous messages without deleting them. Here's what you wrote in response to my original message:

Ric, This is a picture that was on the page in the first place. It was not a 2nd picture. If you think two pictures is too much that's a point taken. If you want, the picture could be moved to the Tony LaRosa page where I put a poster-card of the Barklely bout. Or maybe switch them? LaRosa did win that bout so maybe it is more appropriate on his page. I think all of us need to work together and let each other know about changes. Let us know, Mike

My reply to YOUR reply: I know it was the original picture. That's OK when there is no better alternative. But I believe I added a better photo. Why not use your original "action photo" in a page devoted to the fight from which that image comes? Who's the opponent?

Finally, Mike, please be sure to include your "signature" to the end of your message, by either clicking the "signature" button above the text box (the tab is the second from the right and looks like this: Button sig.png ), or by manually typing four tildas at the end of your message: ~~~~ This makes it much easier to figure out who SPECIFICALLY wrote the message, and to be able to click on your name to personally reply. Like this ----> --Ric 11:03, 19 Feb 2006 (CST)