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The tenacity of Brewster in the first round completely took Golota by surprise. I was hoping for a good fight but the Foul Pole was caught flat on his feet and put down down by a left hook. Brewster smothered him thereafter, knocking him through the ropes for his second knockdown and then on his back in the center of the ring for the third and final knockdown of the opening round. I kept hoping that Golota would find a way to survive the round but Brewster saw that he had his man hurt and the killer instinct took over. Golota is done as far as I am concerned. He has failed in three consecutive title shots and, at age 37, his time has passed. His career has been one long disappointment and there are plenty of other up-and-coming fighters who deserve a shot. Good bye, Andrew, you wasted a lot of talent!

Brewster, on the other hand, impressed me with his gameplan and I think he is now deserving of more respect within the HW Division. His biggest problem has been consistency and so it will be interesting to see who he lines up for his next fight and if he can perform to the same level. A rematch against Wlad Klitschko would be good but I am sure he would much rather meet Vitali for the big payday. Besides, the Klitschko brothers have a history of settling each other's scores with Wlad beating Byrd and Vitali knocking out Sanders.

After the fight, HBO's Larry Merchant climbed into the ring to interview the winner. Before discussing his startling knockout, Lamon Brewster offered his heart-felt condolences to Larry Merchant on a death in his family. It was a classy gesture by a dignified fighter and it made me respect Brewster all the more. I wish him well in his next fight.

Signed: Jboyes