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I don't see the need for the Boxer ID page, Druxman's career as a boxer is insignificant. Besides linking now requires that you know Druxman's boxer ID, where as before you could just highlight text. Phantom bout Boxer ID's could be done for Herman Taylor and Joe Waterman, as well as guys who do have records like Joe Cortez and Mills Lane. It would be much easier to just link to his record if it does surface.


You're probably right, particularly with respect to the easier Wiki link ability. Soon, I'll just re-adjust the Druxman page. Thanks for the tip. Ric

I'm moving Druxman away from a boxer page, for the reasons I listed before.--Matt Tegen 00:03, 3 Sep 2005 (CDT)

Nate Druxman

In regards to Nate Druxman, he brought boxing to Seattle! Nate only boxed for a few years then he startd promoting and training. It's not Moses Druximan,it's Moses Druxinman.By the way I am Moses Druxinman's great great grandson, Nate's great grandson, grandson of Cal Druxman, I am Moses Druxman.

Let's hear it for the girls in Nate Druxman's family. I'm his only girl grandchild and can vouch for the influence he had on boxing in Seattle. Since I was not born until 1939, I did not witness the fights with Dempsey, but I can tell you that he lived the old days at every family gathering. Judy (Druxman) Ware. 8/13/2011