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To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to you in regards to an error that was made in my Amateur achievements. The error isn't in the existing record, it is that I also received a National Golden Glove Title in 1979 as well.

Also I was the recipient of the 1978 and 1979 National PAL championship, if you are also tracking National Titles.

I just recently came across this website, and I love it. Thank-you for doing what you do...

Sincerely, E. Jerome Coffee

The National Golden Gloves championships are generally regarded as starting in 1964, some or many would debate 1962, being the Chicago Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions changed to the US Golden Gloves (1962 & 1963)with fighters from the east participating, (1964 on as Golden Gloves of America/National Golden gloves). The press did spin these (Intercity bouts) bouts as national championships, some websites list the Intercity bouts (1928 to 1961) as national championships, they were actually team competitions before 1962. Hickok sports appear to list the Chicago Golden Gloves Tournament of Champion winners as the national champions. , (notice Ray Robinson is not listed). I have never seen any official ring, trophy, etc listing the Intercity Championships as national championships. they were what they were. Bert