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It is such a double standard that one cannot write that this boxer's most notable fight was cutting Floyd Mayweather Jr over the eye. Wow! It juvenile to not to allow the truths about any boxer, trainer, promoter or organization.

What is your proof of this? And how can you be certain that this fact is true? The argument may be logical fallacy as the premise may be true only because it can't be proven false.--Matt 23:18, 1 June 2010 (UTC)

For one thing, boxrec has the cut information of that bout with Mayweather listed. Secondly, tons of people have the telecast of that bout. This bout with Sanders was telecasted on nation television. Thirdly, those are tons of stories of Mayweather Sr calling his brother Rogers and warning him never to match his son against a southpaw as long as he (Mayweather Sr) was in prison. One can google every bit of this information.

Matter of fact, Teddy Atlas of ESPN, which telecasted this bout, has mentioned "Mayweather was cut early in his career by Reggie Sander and has some scar tissue over that eye." And like I've posted, boxrec clearly states on its results page that Floyd Mayweather Jr suffer a cut.