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I've gotten slammed and mocked for writing very factual information about certain boxers on this site, and various truths that I'd write would get deleted. WOW! Are certain boxers protected, and are able to fib and exaggerate information about their careers -- amateur and/or professional -- and post poppycock? Sadam Ali is not the only boxer in New York, from New York or the first from New York to win consecutive National Golden Gloves titles in different weight classes. As I told one of his supporters, who was spreading that fib on another boxing site, In 2004, New Yorker Daniel Jacobs was a National Golden Gloves champion at welterweight. The next year, in 2005, he became the National Golden Gloves champion in the next weight up (165lbs), thus winning two consecutive National Golden Gloves titles in different weight divisions. In the Career Section or Ali's bio, his supporters insist on giving Ali credit for something that he was not the only one in New York or the first one in New York to do it. I know that Boxrec says info may be incorrect, but Boxrec should not intentionally follow along with lying and jabberwocky. Telling the truth and the whole truth should be the agenda, goal and policy. Radam ghafahni

I deleted it. You can do the same it isn't that hard--Matt 05:07, 2 June 2010 (UTC)