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The main wiki's list of heavyweight world champions, the heavyweight world champions list on and BoxRec (e.g. the NYSAC World heavyweight title fights list, the NBA World heavyweight title fights list, and the IBU World heavyweight title fights list) having been consulted, world title fights which are included on the associated list but whose recognition as such may need to be specified are listed in the following besides possible heavyweight world title fights:

Title in BoxRec
1877 Oct 29 Tom Allen TKO 7 Tompkin Gilbert 1 Sadlers Wells, London, UK
1879 Apr 22 Tom Allen PTS 25 James Jem Stewart 2 St James, London, UK
1 1885 Aug 29 John L. Sullivan PTS 7 Dominick McCaffrey 3 near Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
1895 Nov 11 Peter Maher KO 1 Steve O'Donnell World 4 Maspeth, Queens, New York, USA
1896 Feb 21 Bob Fitzsimmons KO 1 Peter Maher 5 near Langtry, TX, Coahuila de Zaragoza, MEX
1896 Dec 2 Tom Sharkey DQ 8 Bob Fitzsimmons 6 San Francisco, California, USA
13 1905 Jul 3 Marvin Hart KO 12 Jack Root Vacant World 7 Reno, Nevada, USA
1906 Mar 28 Tommy Burns KO 1 Jim O'Brien 8 San Diego, California, USA
1906 Mar 28 Tommy Burns KO 1 James J Walker 9 San Diego, California, USA
1913 Dec 20 Sam Langford PTS 20 Joe Jeannette World (FRA) 10 Paris, Paris, FRA
1935 Oct 2 George Godfrey PTS 15 Pierre Charles IBU Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BEL
55 1937 Jun 22 Joe Louis KO 8 Jim Braddock NBA/NYSAC 11 Chicago, Illinois, USA
56 1937 Aug 30 Joe Louis UD 15 Tommy Farr World (US) Bronx, New York, USA
57 1938 Feb 23 Joe Louis KO 3 Nathan Mann World (US) New York, New York, USA
58 1938 Apr 1 Joe Louis KO 5 Harry Thomas World (US) Chicago, Illinois, USA
1944 Nov 14 Joe Louis KO 1 Johnny Davis 12 Buffalo, New York, USA
1950 Jun 6 Lee Savold TKO 4 Bruce Woodcock World (UK) White City, London, UK
85 1950 Sep 27 Ezzard Charles UD 15 Joe Louis World 13 Bronx, New York, USA
1951 Jun 15 Joe Louis KO 6 Lee Savold World (UK) 14 New York, New York, USA
1955 May 2 Archie Moore PTS 15 Nino Valdes World (NV) Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

1 Tom Allen vs. Tompkin Gilbert on October 29, 1877: "Billed World & English Heavyweight Title"

2 Tom Allen vs. James Jem Stewart on April 22, 1879: "Billed World & English Heavyweight Titles"

3 John L. Sullivan vs. Dominick McCaffrey on August 29, 1885: "... Sullivan is named the first Heavyweight Champion under the Marquess of Queensberry Rules after this victory."

4 Peter Maher vs. Steve O'Donnell on November 11, 1895: "As awarded by Jim Corbett on his "retirement""

5 Peter Maher vs. Bob Fitzsimmons on February 21, 1896: "Billed as for the World Heavyweight Title"

6 Bob Fitzsimmons vs. Tom Sharkey on December 2, 1896: "This bout was promoted as for the World Heavyweight Title"

7 Marvin Hart vs. Jack Root on July 3, 1905: "... James J. Jeffries "awarded" the Title to Hart, although in later years denied having done so."

8 Tommy Burns vs. Jim O'Brien on March 28, 1906: "Burns also KO'd a James Walker in first round on same card. Although most regard these as exhibition bouts, they both received the only official sanctioning of their day, billing by the promoters and newspapers as being for the Title."

9 Tommy Burns vs. James J Walker on March 28, 1906: "Billed as for the World heavyweight championship"

10 Sam Langford vs. Joe Jeannette on December 20, 1913: "World Heavyweight Title, as recognized by the French Boxing Federation which had stripped Jack Johnson (and which shortly after stripped Langford)"

11 Jim Braddock vs. Joe Louis on June 22, 1937: "… NYSAC recognized Louis as Champion on June 30; NBA on July 1"

12 Joe Louis vs. Johnny Davis on November 14, 1944: "Heavyweight title at stake per New York State Athletic Commission ruling"

13 Ezzard Charles vs. Joe Louis on September 27, 1950: "After this fight, Charles became universally recognized as the World Heavyweight Champion"

14 Lee Savold vs. Joe Louis on June, 15 1951: "Prior to this match, Savold was recognized as Heavyweight Champion by the British Boxing Board of Control; following this fight, the BBBC recognized Ezzard Charles."

Possible further claim:

Some boxers won possible world heavyweight title fights (see above) but have not been included in the world heavyweight champions category:

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