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Name: Terry Krueger
Alias: The Pill
Born: 1946-11-05
Birthplace: Dallas, Texas, USA
Hometown: Dallas, Texas, USA
Stance: Southpaw
Height: 6′ 3″   /   191cm
Boxing Record: click

Trainer: Jimmy Parks

Career Review

Terry Krueger was a lanky and lean 6-foot 3-inch, 180-pounder who became interested in boxing in his teens. Krueger decided to enter the amateur ranks and by age 17 was a local San Antonio, Texas Golden Gloves champion.


Discovered by Jimmy Parks, Krueger turned pro while a college freshman. His power was due to his lightning speed, and his usually much heavier opponents were shocked when Krueger sent them crashing to the canvas. He racked up an impressive string of 13 straight knockouts, most in the first round. Krueger earned the nickname "The Pill" because fighting him would be a bitter pill to swallow for his opponents.

Krueger's undefeated run was shockingly halted by Florida club-fighter "Big" Henry Hall. The 240-pound-plus Hall leveled him in the opening round. Krueger took the loss in stride and demanded a rematch. Over-coming a badly bleeding nose, he came back to blitz Hall in the sixth round. He started to add more knockouts to his record, including a 10-second KO over a 6-foot 7-inch African opponent.

Maybe it was his college workload, but suddenly Terry Krueger's promising career took a sharp downward turn. He suffered a series of knockout losses to journeymen S.D. "Sonny" Moore, Clarence Boone, and Mongol Ortiz.

Pedro Lovell.
Krueger KO's Lovell

However, in 1973, Krueger earned a top 15 ranking with a brutal fourth round knockout over the undefeated Pedro Lovell.

Krueger seemed on the verge of a title fight with champion George Foreman. Yet, as in the past, Krueger fell apart once again. He had his nose broken and was destroyed by Lovell in one round in the rematch.

Terry Krueger continued to fight for almost ten more years, but never again achieved the fame of his earlier days.



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