Terry Norris vs. Luis Santana (1st meeting)

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1994-11-12 : Terry Norris 151 lbs lost to Luis Santana 152½ lbs by DQ in round 5 of 12


  • Norris suffered a flash knockdown in the third round.
  • Norris had a point deducted in the fourth round for a headbutt that created a cut on the top of Santana’s head.
  • Norris was disqualified in the fifth round for a rabbit punch. The blow came with a minute left in the round, after Norris had hammered Santana against the ropes. As Santana turned away from Norris, he was nailed in the back of the head and fell to the floor.
  • Santana was carried from the ring on a stretcher.
  • The crowd showed its displeasure by throwing seat cushions into the ring and shouting insults at Norris.
  • WBC officials said Santana suffered a mild concussion from the blow, but was responding 10 minutes after the fight. He was taken to a hospital as a precaution.
  • "It was a back-of-the-head shot, but it was a glancing shot," said Norris. "It really looked like he was faking. His eyes were wide open, but when the doctor came over to him, he closed them."