The Battling Kangaroo

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  • A 1926 silent comedy short with Al Kaufmann
  • Summary (from IMDb): "This is one of the Fix Films Animal short subjects of the late 1920s. Although few of that Studio's short subjects survive -- even the features are scarce of the ground, thanks to vault fires -- Fox's comedy shorts were among the best in the business thanks to generous budgets sustained by a major theater chain -- they could spend the money because they had the audience, and the audience came because they spent the money. This one has little-remembered Lige Conley going into a fight to collect money to marry his girl. Then, hooking up with Holloway and and George Gray, they get involved in several other schemes to make some money fast. there are boxing gags; there's automobile thrill gags and eventually three, count 'em, three kangaroos, one of which is mistaken for a child's pet rabbit."
  • IMDb link: [1]