The Gans-McGovern Fight

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  • 1903 silent film of the bout between Joe Gans and Terry McGovern
  • From the Selig Catalog: "The Gans-McGovern fight took place in Chicago in the month of November, 1900. The enormous arena was brilliantly lighted by over 600 electric arcs, making the scene as bright as day, and every detail from figures to the remotest corner of the auditorium, as well as the prize ring itself, is accurately and truthfully depicted in this wonderful film. The complete set embraces 600 feet of film, shows all the preliminaries of the fight, the care of the principals by their seconds and two rounds of as fast and furious fighting as was ever seen in the prize ring. McGovern pursued his usual tactics, went in to knock out his opponent without delay, and as Gans was clever on his part, one of the most brilliant and wonderful exhibitions of sparring ever witnesses was caught by our camera and is here reproduced for the benefit of our patrons."
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