The Harder They Fall

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  • 1956 film starring Humphrey Bogart (his final movie)
  • Plot: Eddie Willis is a has-been sportswriter hired as a publicist by Nick Benko to promote his new fighter imported from Argentina, Toro Moreno. Benko fixes many fights to get Toro a match with ex-champ Gus Dundee, who collapses in the ring and dies. Toro thinks he has killed him. Unwilling to fight again, but desperate to make money for his parents, Toro fights Buddy Brannen. Willis is shocked at Toro's take ($49.07 and a broken jaw, from a million-dollar gate), and vows revenge on the fight game.
  • It is said that the life story of Primo Carnera was the "thinly-veiled subject" of this movie. The Italian Stallions: Heroes of Boxing's Glory Days, p. 43.
  • Appearances by Max Baer and Jersey Joe Walcott
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