The Leather Pushers

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  • A 1922 series of six two-reel silent films starring Reginald Denny as "Kid Roberts," an ex-college athlete who takes up boxing to earn a living after his father goes broke. The titles are: #1: Let's Go (1922); #2: Round Two (1922); #3: Payment Through the Nose (1922); #4: A Fool and His Honey (1922); #5: The Taming of the Shrewd (1922); #6: Whipsawed.
  • Denny was just getting his start in movies, and film historian Kevin Brownlow quoted him in The Parade's Gone By as saying that "[w]e made these independently, in New York. We had to make them independently because no one would touch them. 'Prize fighting? Who would go and look at it?'" Yet the movies proved to be quite popular, and Denny would go on to have a long career in Hollywood.
  • Only two of the six films are currently known to survive.
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