The Man from Kangaroo

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  • Storyline (from Wikipedia): "The Man from Kangaroo is a 1920 Australian silent film starring renowned Australian sportsman Snowy Baker. It was the first of several films he made with the husband and wife team of director Wilfred Lucas and writer Bess Meredyth, both of whom had been imported from Hollywood by E.J. Carroll.... John Harland (Snowy Baker) is a former boxer turned reverend posted to the town of Kalmaroo, where a criminal gang has driven the church out of the area. Harland goes to work as a station hand and discovers that his girlfriend, Muriel (Agnes Vernon), owns a neighbouring property, and that her overseer, Red Jack Braggan (Wilfred Lucas), is the leader of the gang. Jack kidnaps Muriel but she is rescued by Harland."
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