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Name: Thoerner Ahsman
Born: 1931-07-30
Birthplace: Kungshamn, Sweden
Nationality: Swedish
Hometown: Gothenburg, Sweden
Height: 5′ 11½″   /   181cm
Boxing Record: click

In a 2006 interview �hsman (75) talked to former Swedish amateur star and now sports reporter on the TV channel Eurosport, Roger Petterson. (Interview in Swedish on

  • Summary in English:

�hsman debuted as amateur in January 1949 with a KO-win. He lost twice to Ingemar Johansson, on points and TKO (1951). �hsmann became National Heavyweight champion 1954,1955 and 1957 (beating Lennart Risberg on a 1.round KO). Represented Sweden in the European Championships 1955 and the Melbourne Olympics 1956 (lost on a body blow to russian Lev Muchkin). As pro �hsmann tried for the big league in his 1960- fight with Alonzo Johnson. T�rner lost on a split decision, but Johnson stayed in Sweden for some time and sparred with �hsmann.

  • �hsmann retired in 1962 after a win over the Belgian Jose Peyre. �hsmann broke his thumb in the early rounds and underwent an operation.
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