Tommy Burns vs. Fireman Jim Flynn

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1906-10-02 : Tommy Burns 170 lbs beat Fireman Jim Flynn 169 lbs by KO in round 15 of 20

  • Location: Naud Junction Pavilion, Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Referee: Eddie Robinson

Los Angeles Herald referred to this fight as " of the most terrific battles ever witnessed among heavyweights.."

"...Nine minutes after Tommy Burns sent Jim Flynn to the floor for the fourth and last time last night, in the fifteenth round, the Coloradoan was carried from the ring in a semi-conscious condition. During the final minutes of the grueling contest Flynn received terrific head punishment, and despite the efforts of his seconds, could not be revived for a considerable length of time...Flynn appeared out (after the second knockdown) and (Referee Eddie)Robinson tolled off the ten seconds, saying "You're out!" after making the count...Flynn, however, found his feet just at the call, and made a brave attempt to continue the fighting. Burns had him helpless, however, and Flynn droped again to the floor as a result of no particular blow. With Flynn on the mat, Robinson cautioned him to rise, with the provision that he would disqualify him. (Flynn)again regained his feet and once more Burns sent him to the floor, this time for good...Referee Robinson later admitted he erred in not stopping the fight..."The count was so close," said Robinson,"that I feared an uproar from the house, which might not understand that I had made the count..."