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Name: Tommy Feltz
Born: 1882-12-28
Birthplace: Poland
Died: 1938-09-04 (Age:55)
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York, USA
Height: 5′ 5″   /   165cm
Boxing Record: click

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"The Passing of Feltz" (The Washington Post, April 8, 1907)

And Feltz! There was the greatest little man who ever donned a glove. Weight for weight, he was better than McGovern - a better hitter, more rugged, cleverer, and fully as fast. Now he is earning cigarette money by being knocked around by second-class men who wouldn't last five rounds with him when he was at his best.
Dissipation killed Feltz's ability. He never trained for a bout. I have seen him go into a ring with the time-honored shave and shampoo, actually yawning from sleepiness, and beat his man. I have seen him get out of a sick bed and flght that rugged boy, Kid Goodman, fifteen rounds and get as good as an even break.
Why, he fought Pintey Evans one Monday night In Schenectady twenty rounds; then, after riding all night in the cars, fought Goodman fifteen rounds in Boston on the next Tuesday night, and 'on the following Saturday night boxed six rounds in Philadelphia. Now he is all in, and last Friday night Willie Moody, who would have been easy meat for Feltz in his day, made a mess of him."
So Tommy Feltz has entered the once was class.