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Name: Tommy Marciano
Alias: Tommy Rocco
Birth Name: Thomas Rocco Marchegiano
Born: 1934-08-16
Birthplace: Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, USA
Died: 2012-04-23 (Age:77)
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Boxing Record: click

No blood relation to the heavyweight champion, Tommy Rocco Marciano, although his birth name, like Rocky's, is Marchegiano.

The difference between the namesakes was weight and ring style. Tommy was a welterweight, and - while he's a solid socker - he was inclined to boxing rather than slugging. He was a cool operator, had a keen eye, moved smoothly, and was a sharp-shooter with both hands. His left hook was his favorite wallop.

Born in Phoenixville, Pa. on Aug. 16, 1934, Tommy began boxing in 1951 under directions of Frank Costello, an ex-GI fighter and later Tommy's manager. He won 21 out of 23 amateur contests. In 1952 he knocked out Carmelo Costa, winning the Eastern Golden Gloves lightweight title.

He turned pro in Florida, where he scored two kayoes, in July 1952. Went undefeated in at least 17 bouts, he listed among his victims, Lou Martino, Johnny Busso, Jimmy Bryant and Joe Murray - the latter pair by he KO route. Three of those bouts ended in draw decisions.

Tommy started training at the Sant Anna Italian Club while attended high school and worked as a playground instructor. Marciano's co-manager was Tex Sullivan.

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