Tony Zale vs. Steve Mamakos (2nd meeting)

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1941-02-21 : Tony Zale 159 lbs beat Steve Mamakos 157½ lbs by KO at 0:26 in round 14 of 15

  • Location: Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Referee: Tommy Gilmore

World (NBA) Middleweight Title. Zale "cut loose a terriic two handed attack late in the 13th, surging back after Mamakos had dominated the fight for two rounds". Zale "in the 5th came within seconds of losing his title, taking a severe lacing late in the stanza. One of Mamakos' punches sent him down but he was up without taking a count and was reeling under a barrage of lefts and rights to the head as the bell rang". "Mamakos had an edge going into the 13th largely through his aggressivness and ability to take anything Zale had to offer. Then Zale set off the fistic dynamite that turned back the challenger". He "cut loose a terrific two-handed attack" late in the round. "He landed a straight right that reached his opponent, followed by a left to the body and a right to the face that sent Mamakos reeling to the canvas. Mamakos was still down when the bell rang at six, had to be helped to his corner and was still groggy when the 14th started, and was quickly despatched". (Associated Press)