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The formation of the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board was announced October 11th 2012: [1]. It originally generated and published monthly rankings of currently-active professional male boxers. It began publishing weekly rankings (every Tuesday) on December 18th 2012, though it continues to archive monthly rankings as well as for researchers of the sport.

The Board is a not-for-profit organization created by Springs Toledo, Tim Starks, and Cliff Rold after they resigned from The Ring Ratings Advisory Panel in May 2012. Their resignation came after The Ring's highly controversial update of the championship policy that had been in place since 2001. The new policy, still in effect, allows for first or second-ranked contenders to fight third, fourth, and fifth-ranked contenders as a means to fill vacant thrones in boxing's seventeen weight divisions.

According to the press release, the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board's championship policy "will identify who holds the true crown in each weight division... Common sense tells us that a division’s true crown can only be seized by combat between the two best in a singular ring before a singular world... We too see the stark evidence that the top two contenders are rarely matched in the modern era, but we will not capitulate to the status quo, we will change it."

"It begins with language," it continues. "Words and phrases like 'undisputed,' 'title holder,' 'belt holder,' 'slice/piece of a title,' and 'unification bout,' are the stuff of delusion. We recognize who is behind the delusion and resolve to respect neither the alphabet organizations nor their belts. We will ignore them."

Although others have attempted to reform boxing throughout its sordid history, the idea proposed and put into action by Toledo, Starks, and Rold (soon joined by Stewart Howe of the British Boxing Hall of Fame), is at once ambitious and specific. Boxing needs trustworthy rankings by a body that represents the global reality of the sport. To that end, they recruited twenty-two boxing writers and record keepers from around the world and insist that they will remain "uncompromised by sanctioning bodies and promoters."

Current membership includes: Adam Abramowitz, USA; Ramon Aranda, USA; Jim Black, Scotland; Jake Donovan, USA; Oliver Fennell, Thailand; Andrew Fruman, Canada; Stewart Howe, England; Jason Karp, Canada; Ronan Keenan, Ireland; Kelsey McCarson, USA; Alex McClintock, Australia; Matt McGrain, Scotland; Erika Montoya, Mexico; Nnamdi Moweta, Nigeria; Gautham Nagesh, USA; Alister Ottesen, Norway; Harry Otty, New Zealand; Vittorio Parisi, Italy; Matthew Paras, USA; Per Ake Persson, Sweden; Eric Raskin, USA; Salvador Rodriguez, Mexico; Cliff Rold, USA; Mauricio Salvador, Mexico; Tim Starks, USA; Springs Toledo, USA; Paul Upham, Australia; Michael Woods, USA; and Steve Zemach, USA.