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Troy Ross vs. Claudio Rasco

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2005-05-28 : Claudio Rasco 198½ lbs lost to Troy Ross 191 lbs by TKO at 1:25 in round 8 of 10

  • Canadian Cruiserweight Title (Vacant title)
  • Time: 1:25
  • Weights: Ross 191 lbs, Rasco 198.5 lbs


  • Ross would use just enough jabs and movement to get off clean counter punches. Rasco pressured, but was not fast enough to keep up. Rasco was wobbled twice in round 4.
  • In round 8, Rasco was out on his feet, and Ross landed big punches until the ref stepped in.
  • Canadian title had been vacant since 2001 and last held by Dale Brown.

Preceded by:
Brown vs. Lewis
Canadian Cruiserweight Title Fight
# 3
Succeeded by:
Henney vs. Kourouma

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