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History of Colorado Boxing Legislation, Rules & Regulations

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  • 1899-04-06: Governor Thomas signs bill legalizing boxing contests in Colorado
  • 1911-04-12: Colorado House passes Cornforth Bill, allowing ten-round no-decision bouts. Tacoma Daily News (Tacoma, WA, USA) wire report
  • 1913-03-05: The Colorado Senate kills a bill that would have permitted boxing under the supervision of a state commission.
  • 1917-01-31: Some four years after boxing was allowed, advocates consider its repeal. Tacoma Times [1][2]
  • 1920-October: Streetcar riots put a lid on boxing in Denver. [3]
  • 1921-02-24: Newly-elected District Attorney Phil Van Cise "kills" professional boxing in Denver. [4]
  • 1921-04-28: "Cash Boxing Held Legal" in Colorado by a Denver jury. Sacramento Star (Sacramento, CA, USA)
  • 1922: 10, 12 & 15 round bouts were permitted in Denver until this year when District Attorney Philip Van Cise "clamped down the lid." He later allowed three-round boxing exhibitions -- with a fourth round if needed to determine a winner -- and contestants were not to be paid more than $35.00. Otherwise, it would be considered an illegal "prizefight." Per Nov. 17, 1924 Daily News Searchlight (Bremerton, WA, USA)
  • 1927-April: Boxing commission established (which is abolished in 1977)
  • 1977: Boxing commission abolished
  • 1999: Boxing commission re-established