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History of Indiana Boxing Legislation, Rules & Regulations

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(Enter material chronologically)

  • 1909-04-26: Gov. Marshall orders that all boxing be stopped. [1]
  • 1914-04-15: Indianapolis is about to get a boxing commission. Seattle Star wire report [2]
  • 1931-02-26: H.B. 485 passes the Indiana House on a vote of 63-20. The bill creates a state athletic commission of three members to regulate boxing and wrestling. Indianapolis News
  • 1931-05-20: Fort Harrison will conduct their summer boxing shows in cooperation with the new state boxing commission. Indianapolis News, May 20, 1931.
  • 1931-05-26: Indianapolis holds their first decision bouts.
  • 1931-07-23: Indianapolis holds their first twelve-rounds bouts to a decision. Indianapolis News, July 24, 1931.
  • 1933-03-09: Governor Harry G. Leslie signs bill to create a state boxing commission of three members to regulate boxing and wrestling in the state. Ten percent of the gross receipts of all matches are to go to the State Treasury. New York Times
  • 1933-07-28: State boxing commissioner Al G. Feeney announces that future Indiana fights will be decided by three judges, instead of the votes of two judges and the referee as had been the case.