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History of New Jersey Boxing Legislation, Rules & Regulations

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  • 1916-March: Governor Fielder signs bill legalizing amateur bouts.
  • 1918: Hurley Law enacted; 8-rounders allowed
  • 1920-April: 12-rounders, no-decision, set as limit
  • 1928-03-02: The very first decision bout in New Jersey State history is held in Newark.
  • 1929-01-07: Atlantic City's North Side Boxing Club stages its first card in which all bouts are decided by official decisions.
  • 1931-03-05: Only semi-final and final bouts are judged (decision bouts) in New Jersey. Other bouts on the card shall be no-decision. New York Times
  • 1931-03-13: John McCutcheon, State Boxing Commissioner, announces adoption of the "no foul" rule. Fighters claiming fouls will be counted out and paid only for the number of rounds fought. New York Times