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History of New Mexico Boxing Legislation, Rules & Regulations

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  • 1912-February: New Mexico to conduct its first bouts in 17 years. Feb. 7 Tacoma Daily News (Tacoma, WA, USA) wire report (which probably neglects the 1911-08-11 Flynn-Haley bout).
  • 1912-04-10: Bill introduced to allow for bouts of 45 rounds or less. Tacoma Times [1]
  • 1912-08-03: Governor McDonald declares that there will be no more "prizefighting" in the state, and that "boxing contests" will be restricted to ten rounds. [2]
  • 1913-02-26: The House adopted a favorable report on a proposed anti-prizefight law, which would prohibit boxing contests. Violators would be charged with a felony.