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History of Ohio Boxing Legislation, Rules & Regulations

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(Enter material chronologically)

  • 1909-02-03: Gov. Harmon proclaims that there will be no prizefighting in Ohio as long as he is governor. [1]
  • 1911-12-29: Cincinnati Mayor-elect Henry T. Hunt announces that he will allow non-debasing boxing in the city. [2] [3]
  • 1913-01-09: A bill to legalize boxing in Ohio is drawn up by Cleveland lawyers. In April, it passes the lower house of the state legislature. [4]
  • 1914-11-29: Cleveland mayor appoints a boxing commission to draw up rules under which professional boxing will be legalized there. Tacoma Times wire report. [5]
  • 1915-01-16: 10-rounds, no decision, in effect at this time.
  • 1921-02-21: Lima Mayor F. A. Burckhardt grants permission for decisions to be rendered in bouts held this day.
  • 1931-05-25: The Cleveland City Boxing Commission decides that no draw decisions in boxing matches will be allowed in the future, and that each of the two judges and referee must name one of the boxers the winner. New York Times