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History of Oregon Boxing Legislation, Rules & Regulations

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  • 1908-04-29: Portland Police Chief Gritzmacher puts the lid on boxing due to the trouble stirred up by the discrimination between bouts staged by local labor unions and the Multnomah Amateur Athletic Association. Spokane Press [1]
  • 1909-01-18: Boxing bill to be introduced in Portland to allow four and six-round bouts. Tacoma Daily News (Tacoma, WA, USA)
  • 1909-10-20: Portland to "open up to boxing" Tacoma Daily Ledger
  • 1910-02-25: Professional boxing is unpopular with a large segment of the population, and "a campaign is being waged against it," while amateur boxing remains strong. Spokane Press [2]
  • 1911-08-02: Sheriff J. V. Barnes clamps down on boxing in Astoria, Oregon. UP Report [3]
  • Early 1910s: No Decision bouts allowed, at least in Portland.
  • 1915-01-20: Two bills to legalize six-round decision bouts and establishing a boxing commission is introduced in the Oregon legislature. Tacoma Times [4]; Seattle Star [5]
  • 1917-04-21: Portland Mayor Albee "tightens the screws" on boxing promoters. Seattle Star [6]
  • 1917-07-04: Boxing is spreading to "every nook and cranny of Oregon" after Portland passes a boxing ordinance. Seattle Star [7]
  • 1917-09-21: The City of Portland establishes boxing rules. Everett Daily Herald (Everett, WA, USA)
  • 1917-11-10: Portland Boxing Commission issues set of rules. Sunday Oregonian [8]
  • 1918-03-08: Portland Boxing Commission rules that boxers appearing in local smokers must prove they have a source of income independent of ring earnings. Tacoma Times [9]
  • 1919-01-23: A bill to legalize ten-round boxing contents is introduced into the Oregon state legislature. [10]
  • 1919-07-04: Boxing is legalized in the State of Oregon, allowing 10 rounds bouts to a decision, with the establishment of municipal boxing commissions. [11]
  • 1943-March: 15 round bouts are legalized in the State of Oregon
  • 1943-07-12: First 15-round bout held in the state in 40 years (Jimmy Garrison-Rodolfo Ramirez)
  • 1963-March: Oregon Legislature proposes a ban on boxing. Bill supported by Portland promoter Tommy Moyer. (AP)
  • 1980s: Establishment of the Oregon State Boxing and Wrestling Commission, which replaces local boxing commissions (i.e., Portland commission, Salem commission.)